Wonder Blading Lip Stain 101

Hey Lip Stain Lovers!

Ready to dive into the world of Wonder Blading Lips and all the fun that comes with it? Buckle up because we're about to spill the tea on the trendiest all -day lip color magic! Get ready for insider tips and time-saving makeup artists’ tricks for juicy, plump, and seductive lip looks.


Alright, let's get real about lips – they deserve the VIP treatment. Sun, wind, winter cold, and sassy smooches –all of that can leave your lips dry, inflamed, and discolored..

That's where the ultimate “lip TLC” duo, lip scrub, and lip oil, step in to save the day. The sugar granules in the scrub buff away the dry flakes, leaving you with a silky smooth base, and highly concentrated lip oil nourishes and heals sensitive skin. We recommend using natural lip oils that don’t contain dyes or colorants that can further irritate the skin.

Our new Lip Rehab Therapy Oil is color-free, absolutely natural, and contains double the industry standard concentration of highly refined shea butter, as well as Avocado Oil, Vitamin E, and Jojoba Oils that provide non-tacky hydration, nourishment, and protection for your lips. Apply the lip oil before bed at night and top up as needed during the day. It's like a spa day for your pout but also the ultimate prep for the star of our show to follow: Wonder Blading Lip Stain.


We love a healthy, plump natural look of our lips but sometimes we’re amiss of an oomph, a little (or big!) touch of color.. long-lasting, weightless color it is.

Here's where the real fun begins – Wonder Blading Lip Stain with all its chameleon magic. It contains harmless pigments that come in a liquid form. This pigmented liquid will try to fill any dry spots in your skin causing some areas to have uneven color coverage. That’s why healthy, hydrated lips are the key to an even, long-lasting, luscious color with our lip stain.

If you are still on the defense about lip stains and keep clinging to your old ( but oh-so favorite) lipstick tube, consider the following benefits of Wonder Blading Lip Stain that may make you reconsider the move to the new era of lip color.

*Long-Lasting Magic*
Wonder Blading Lip Stain is the marathon runner of lip color. Once applied, it sticks around for the long haul, resisting the urge to fade, smudge or transfer. It's like having a lip color BFF that stays with you through thick and thin.

*Natural Vibes*
Say goodbye to the heavy, cakey feel of traditional lipsticks. Wonder Blading Lip Stain gives you a non-drying, lightweight color that feels like nothing on your lips. Whether it’s a nude shade for that effortless chic just-bitten look or a full- depth pigment for a statement power-  It feels just like your own natural lips, weightless, heavenly!

*Versatility Galore*
Lip stains are the chameleons of the lip world. Want a subtle tint? Go for a light application. Craving a bold statement? Layer it up! The power is in your hands, or, well, on your lips.

*Double Duty as Lip Liner*

Talk about maximizing your lip stain! Use the lip stain to outline and define your lips. The same product that's giving you that killer lip color can also play the role of a lip liner, adding depth and dimension to your pout. It's like getting a two-for-one deal, and who doesn't love a beauty bargain?

*Blush Bliss*

Ready to take your monochromatic makeup game to the next level? Dab a bit of your lip stain on your cheeks and blend it out for a perfectly coordinated flush. It's the secret weapon for a cohesive and effortlessly put-together look. Your lip stain just became your go-to blush, saving space in your makeup bag and time in your routine.


Now, let's talk drama. Adding 3D depth and shine to your lip color is easy- just top with the gloss, clear or tinted. It can also help you revive a tired/faded lip stain after a long day of wear. A clear or tinted gloss not only amps up the glam but also keeps your lips looking fresh and plump. Hello, instant lip revival!

So, lip lovers, there you have it – the ultimate guide to lip stain perfection! Embrace the lip scrub and lip oil overnight ritual, pair your lip stain with a liner for precision magic, and revive it throughout the day with a gloss that adds that extra oomph. Get ready to pucker up and flaunt those fabulous lips because you're about to be the Lip Queen of the town!