Should You Be Using a Water Cream?

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Hi beauties!

Once upon a time, there was simply moisturizer, and it came as either a lotion or a cream. Nowadays, there are so many different types and textures of skin hydratorsemulsions, oils, balms, gelsit can leave you wondering, which one is best for your skin

One of the most buzzed-about moisturizers right now, which I happen to love, is water creamIt typically comein a gel or cloud-like texture and provides all-day hydration and plumping so skin looks soft and youthful, yet the formula feelinvisible onHere’s what makes water cream so brilliantand why you might want to give one a try. 

Super hydrating, seriously lightweight

Let’s be clear: most moisturizers contain water, and just because a formula is labeled “water-based” does not necessarily mean it’s a water cream. What’s unique about this type of oil-free hydrator is the way in which the ingredients are delivered to your skin.

Water Cream

Water creams use “water-burst” technology, a texture innovation that suspends H20 and active ingredients in a gel which then bursts” into liquid form as you rub it into your skin. This allows for lotof water to drench your skin all at once and for concentrated doses of other key ingredients to be absorbed into the skin without the use of any oils. The result is loads of hydration and nutrients from a light, refreshing gel that absorbs almost immediately.

The plumping action

Water creams are typically rich in hyaluronic acid, a superstar humectant that draws moisture from the atmosphere into the skin and keeps it there for continual hydration. Holding up to 1000 times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid helps plump your skin so it looks smooth and feels soft and cushiony. When people talk about bouncy skin, that’s hyaluronic acid working its magic.

Helps makeup look better

Not only do water creams sink into the skin in seconds, they’re also oil-free, so they don’t leave behind any slick residue. You can put on makeup within a minute or two of applying a water cream and your makeup will goon smooth and evenand it’ll be less likely to wear off throughout the day, too.

Everyone can use it!

All skin loves nourishment, which is why just about every skin type can use a water creamthough anyone with sensitive skin shoultest any new formula on a small patch of skin first to be sure there’s no reaction. If you have chronically dry skin, a water cream alone may not provide enough moisture, though layering it under an occlusive cream can help seal in long-lasting hydration.

Best of all, water creams come with a whole bunch of other good-skin ingredientsOur It's Hydragel contains both hyaluronic acid and glycerin for maximum moisturevitamin C to brighten skin and even out tone, and calming ingredients. It also acts like a makeup primer to prep the skin’s surface for cosmeticssaving you a step in your regimen. Which is something we all appreciate, no?

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