How to Apply Wonderskin: No More Messy Lip Color

   Welcome to the world of Wonderskin Lip Stain- the patented technology that gives you long-lasting color that stays put for hours! If you're tired of constantly reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, then Wonderskin Lip Stain is the solution you've been looking for.

   In this article, we'll walk you through the Wonderskin Lip Stain instructions and show how to apply your lip stain, so you can get the most out of your new long-lasting lip color.

Method #1: Stain and Go

The Stain and Go is the perfect option for anyone who wants a quick and easy way to apply their lip stain.

    To use this method, start by shaking the tube to activate the formula. Then, apply a generous layer of the stain to your lips, making sure to stay within it's natural lines. Once applied, allow the product to dry for a few seconds before adding a second layer if desired. Once you're happy with the coverage, use a tissue or a damp cloth to wipe off any excess product from the outer edges of your lips. And that's it! You're ready to go and conquer the world with your fabulous lips.

Method #2: Peel and Reveal

   For those who are a little bit more adventurous with their makeup and are not afraid to experiment, the Peel and Reveal is the way to go. For this method you will need a Wonder Blading Lip Stain Kit rather than just the Lip Stain Masque. if you only have the lip stain masque we recommend purchasing a separate activator to be able to use this method.

To Peel and Reveal , start by applying a generous layer of the blue stain masque to your lips, just like with the Stain and Go. Once you've achieved the desired level of coverage, wait for about 30-50 seconds for the product to dry, close your mouth and spray the activator. (We recommend to place a swiper towel (provided in the kit) under your bottom lip to catch the excess drip from the activator) As soon as the activator comes in contact with the blue stain you're ready to peel the blue film off- revealing the high pigmented all day long lip color! It's that easy.

   And there you have it - a simpleguideon how to use Wonderskin Lip Stain. By following these Wonderskin instructions, you'll be able to achieve a gorgeous, long-lasting color that stays put all day through breakfast, lunch and dinner, workout, late night drinks and multiple kisses:)   Whether you choose theStain and Go or Peel and Reveal, you can rest assured that your lips will look fabulous. So, go ahead and give Wonderskin a try - you won't be disappointed! And remember, the key to a flawless application is to always start with exfoliated, well moisturized clean lips (try our Lip Scrub crayon) and to apply the product within the natural lines of your mouth.

Happy staining!