Meet the Superstar Women of Team WOW

Hi beauties!

Here’s something you might not know about us: we named our community Team WOW as a tribute to (and an acronym for) the Women of Wonderskin. Of course, our community embraces everyone who loves beauty, not just those who identify as female—but we are immensely proud to be a brand powered by women both behind the scenes and in front of the camera.

On this International Women’s Day, we feel incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most influential females in the beauty biz: artists and leaders who are deeply passionate about helping all women and individuals look and feel their absolute best and who teach us to celebrate our own unique beauty. These brilliant, kickass ladies are our Team WOW pros, and they lend their renowned expertise to everything from our product formulations to our charitable initiatives, championing Wonderskin to their fan bases and supporting our brand around the globe. 

Read on to discover what makes our Team WOW experts and their phenomenal work so special.


Her gig: Founder of Lipstick Angels, a nonprofit network of makeup artists and aestheticians who provide complimentary beauty and wellness services to patients with cancer and other chronic illnesses.

Favorite Wonderskin product: Wonder Blading Brow Kit

Her story: After years of working as a successful celebrity makeup artist and owning her own beauty boutique—one of the first clean beauty stores in the U.S.—Renata launched an incredible initiative. Inspired by how her grandmother used makeup to maintain her spirit while undergoing cancer treatment, Renata made it her mission to give patients battling serious illness hope and joy through beauty and self-care services. Since its inception in 2012, Lipstick Angels has served over 16,000 patients and launched programs in eight major U.S. cancer centers, and it continues to expand its reach. During the pandemic, the organization pivoted to virtual sessions and the response was so incredible that it’s now a permanent service, so patients everywhere can get access to a Lipstick Angel, regardless of where they live.

Wonderskin is a proud partner of Lipstick Angels, and we donate our Wonder Blading Brow Pomade In A Pencil and eyebrow stencil to every beauty package that is shipped out to patients.

How she WOWs: Renata’s extraordinary commitment to helping those who are sick maintain confidence, hope, and self-esteem showcases the deeper side of beauty. By restoring a person’s sense of self, beauty can create meaningful impact and help people face incredible challenges with dignity.

Her gig: Editorial and celebrity makeup artist and co-creator of our upcoming VersaGlow Foundation.  

Favorite Wonderskin Product: PUREVOC All day Glow System

Her story: Born and raised in Paris and now based in Los Angeles, Mélanie is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Hollywood and the fashion industry. She studied at the London College of Fashion and trained under such legendary makeup artists as Pat McGrath and Charlotte Tilbury. Now an icon in her own right, Mélanie’s unique ability to make every face she touches look supernaturally healthy and luminous has earned her the reputation of a glow expert—which is why we bestowed that title on her at Wonderskin. Stars such as Ana de Armas, Lucy Boynton, Karlie Kloss, and Zoey Deutch all rely on Mélanie’s magic touch to achieve a lit-from-within radiance.

How she WOWs: Mélanie believes makeup is a tool to express your own personal style, not transform into someone else, and that it should look and feel as though you have nothing on. Her approach to cosmetics helps women feel confident and gorgeous in their own skin—instead of covering them up, her fresh, natural aesthetic highlights every woman’s individual beauty.
The serum also contains HexaPeptide 17, which helps to drain fluid from the extracellular spaces between cells, resulting in a more defined, contoured appearance.

The IsoSculpt Complex also includes Gotu Kola extract, which stimulates collagen production, creating a tighter “net” to hold everything together, resulting in firmer, more youthful-looking skin.
Lastly, the in-built massager will add prolonged cooling sensation from stainless steel circumspheres and relax those tense facial muscles.


Her gig: Celebrity aesthetician, luxury perfumer, beauty product formulator, and skincare guru who is collaborating on some of our future Wonderskin launches.

Favorite Wonderskin Product: It's A Miracle 8 Minute Mask

Her story: Though she flies under the social media radar, Eileen is the OG skin influencer in fashion’s inner circle. A top New York City facialist, her VIP clients include supermodels (she’s tended to the faces of Lauren Hutton and Naomi Campbell), designers, and editors. Eileen originally studied fashion design, but her lifelong love of beauty—she whipped up her own nail polishes in second grade for show-and-tell—led her to become an aesthetician. When fresh faced beauty became the trend, designers and top fashion photographers called on Eileen and her famous oxygen facials to prep models’ skin before runway shows and photo shoots, and she pioneered the concept of backstage skin treatments. Known as a prolific beauty creator through the lens of fashion, Eileen is also an acclaimed product developer, perfumer (she even partnered with Lenny Kravitz on a scent), and a go-to collaborator for brands and cosmetic artists.

How she WOWs: By not pigeonholing herself in one area of beauty and staying perpetually open to new experiences and creative opportunities, Eileen remains at the top of her game decades into her career. In an industry that caters to younger talent, Eileen inspires women of all ages to remember that nothing is ever off limits and it’s never too late to try something different.