Setting Intentions Not Goals

Let’s face it, January (more than any other month) is the time of setting unrealistic goals and new year's resolutions that we think are going to drastically improve our lives. The notion of “new year new me” has been haunting us for decades, but rarely helped supercharge the quality of our lives.


More often than not we find ourselves deflated and bound by guilt at the end of January for not being able to fulfil the grandiose plans that we set on the 1st. The reason is that most of us are unable to follow through with these big goals or resolutions because they’re simply unachievable. We make these promises to ourselves, not considering the fact that we don't change overnight and every big change is the result of small consistent actions. And there is no better time than now to start shifting our mindset and approach self-improvement from a different new angle.

It's all about moving the focus from lofty resolutions and grandiose goals to something more sustainable and impactful: setting intentions.

image source: @intelligentchange


Instead of aiming for a drastic “new year new me" transformation overnight, it's about nurturing a "new better self" gradually. This involves recognizing that true change happens through consistent, smaller actions that align with your desired reality. Embracing self-love and personal growth isn't about a single revelation or massive change; it's found in the tiny intentions woven into your daily routine. By consciously connecting with your body, mind, and aspirations through these small but deliberate actions, you pave the way for the authentic evolution you seek.


When considering revisiting habits and routines, it's pivotal to assess their effectiveness. That 10-step skincare or makeup routine might have been meticulously crafted, but its actual impact remains uncertain.

Simplifying with multitasking products or incorporating small, consistent self-care habits—like a weekly face mask, or a gua sha session, or simply starting the day with warm water and lemon—can make a profound difference.

These small, intentional shifts align with the idea of setting intentions over grand resolutions, allowing you to create a more meaningful and impactful routine focused on nurturing your well-being and achieving tangible results without feeling deflated.