4 Tips for Long, Thick, Healthy Lashes

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Hi beauties!

The number-one makeup question I get asked as a beauty editor is, What's the best mascara? (My answer: our Power'Full Mascara of course!) Everyone wants long, thick, fluttery lashes because they make your eyes stand out in a way that seems completely natural. The secret to gorgeous lashes is showing them a little TLC—because the healthier your lashes, the longer and denser they will look naturally, which means your mascara will work even bettersomething we all want, right?

Here how to get your lashes looking their very best.

1. Remove makeup the right way

Lashes are fragile, so if you rub them while taking off your eye makeup, you’ll likely pulout some lashes, too. To minimize lash fallout, soak a cotton pad in an oil-based makeup remover or use a makeup wipe designed for long-wear makeup. Lightly press the pad or wipe over your closed eyelid, wait about 15 secondsthis gives the remover time to break down the mascara so it glides right offthen gently swipe down over your lashes toward your cheek. You can repeat this a few times if needed, just be sure to swipe very gently and in a downward motion, not side to side which may loosen lashes from the hair follicles.


2. Don't wear waterproof mascara every day 

When it’s 90 degrees out or you’re heading to your best friend’s wedding, then yes, throw on a waterproof mascara to prevent the dreaded under-eye dark smears. But the rest of the time, use a regular formula. The ingredients that make waterproof mascara so resilient can, over time, dry out lashes and make them brittle if you wear it every single daySo save the heavy-duty stuff for when you really need it.


3. Try a lash enhancing serum

They’re not just for lashes that aren’t as thick or dense as they once were (which happens as we age). Everyone can benefit from an over-the-counter lash-enhancing serum, which helps keep lashes moisturized, healthy, and strong. I love our Power'Full Lash & Brow Enhancing Serumwhich contains peptides that can help stimulate keratin (a key component of lash hairs), along with vitamins and amino acids that nourish and strengthen lashes. Our formula is clinically proven to make lashes appear 25% longer and 66% denser after just four weeks of use.

4. Go easy when curling lashes

Lash curlers are the best for creating that eye-opening bendor the worst if you use them the wrong way. First, don’t squeeze the curler too close to the base of your lashes, which can damage the hairs or cause them to break. Always curl your lashes before you put on mascaraotherwise, you may snap the hairs. Finally, skip heated lash curlers (and don’t warm up a regular one with a blow dryer): just as hot tools damage the hair on your head, the same goes for applying heat on your very delicate lash hairs, which can weaken them and make them more susceptible to breakage.

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