The Ultimate Glow


A breakthrough luminous innovation that invigorates and nourishes the skin - with a uniquely customizable level of natural glow.

Melanie has spent the last two years collaborating with Tory Kirby and the Wonderskin team of chemists, scientists and product development experts to create a capsule collection that builds from her learnings and successes as an icon of the international makeup circuit. 

Mélanie Inglessis is an internationally renowned makeup artist. She has enviable industry credentials with a long list of fashion and beauty clients.

It is her extraordinary ability to make her subjects’ skin appear to glow from within that has inspired Melanie to come together with the Wonderskin team to create and share Versaglow.  

Her signature style is flawless luminosity, and she operates on the belief that you should feel empowered by your makeup, that your makeup choices are a key factor in your expression of self –and that most importantly your makeup should be light as a feather on the face- in fact your makeup should make you feel like you are not wearing any at all.